The Galleries

The City and The City. The title comes from the China Mieville novel, The City & The City, which is set in two cities that share the same physical space but are otherwise separate in every way. In my photography, I try and find glimpses of "the city in the city," when the unfamiliar reveals itself in the familiar. That other city is there all along.

Pattern Recognition. The universe is complex and unpredictable, yet there are patterns underneath everything we can see in the natural and unnatural world. I find echoes of these patterns deeply beautiful.

Infra/Structures. Infrastructure is supposed to be unglamorous. Yet, the things we build and the artifacts of the manufactured world practically scream out to be noticed.

The Photographer

Babiera Photography is Rex Babiera, a fine art and urban landscape photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. 

Science, Math, Art: Three things I love. It's no wonder I was drawn to the camera. One of my earliest memories of photography is spending free periods in a darkroom in high school in the 1980's. Later, I became an engineer, a teacher, a graduate student, and a non-profit director. But I have always been a photographer; I just didn't realize it until a few years ago.

I have studied at the Maine Media Workshops and the Chicago Photography Academy, but am mostly self-taught. Please browse the portfolios on this site for completed works and visit the blog for some works-in-progress.

Questions or comments? I would love to hear from you. Also, if you find an image that interests you, you can purchase a signed, limited-edition, archival-quality, framed (or unframed) print by sending me a message at Thanks, and enjoy!